Eritrea Traditional Stove Efficiency Info.

Verification Document for Eritrea Dissemination of Improved Stoves Program (EDISP) 3/2004 (finalized 2/2005)
Press Release: Eritrea Stove Program Wins Ashden Award 6/2003
Dissemination of Improved Cookstoves in Rural Areas of the Developing World:
Recommendations for the Eritrea Dissemination of Improved Stoves Program (EDISP)
Verification Document for Eritrea Dissemination of Improved Stoves Program (EDISP) 3/2003
Pictures from visits to improved stove projects 12/1999 and 8/2002
IRIN/UN News Article on Eritrea Stove Programs 8/2002
Efficient Stove Program Evaluation Report & Interviews Aug. 2001 8/2001
Carbon Emissions/Credit Savings Estimates for Efficiency and Renewables 6/2001
Efficient Stove Testing and Promotion Benefits 3/2000
Iron-Plate Efficiency Report. 4/1998
Electric Mogogo Simulation Study 10/1996
Introduction to Stove Efficiency Research

This page provides links to traditional stove efficiency research reports from Eritrea.  Increasing traditional stove efficiency is a key element of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Eritrean energy sector.  Approximately 80% of gross energy consumption in Eritrea utilizes biomass fuels: wood, dung, and crop residues.  Of this 80%, approximately 1/2 is used cooking the traditional Eritrean bread enjera (injera or taita). Recent stove research has indicated that more than 50% of current traditional stove energy use can be saved through improved efficiency stove designs that are also popular amongst the Eritrean rural public. In addition, a variety of measures including cooking thick moist enjera and using an iron, rather than a clay, cooking plate can provide further savings.

Because improved stove efficiency can potentially have dramatic positive impacts on the Eritrean standard of living, we are providing complete technical information on stove efficiency research on-line and can provide free technical support and consultation to other stove efficiency improvement efforts.

This information has been prepared by Robert Van Buskirk.  Please send questions, queries, and encouragement to: or to the Eritrea Technical Exchange

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