Stove Project Pictures

This document provides selected pictures from Eritrea improved stove project.

Damba Village: The first demonstration/pilot project Nov/Dec 1999

In the above photo, Debesai G. from the Eritrea Research and Training Center (ERTC) talks to one of the beneficiaries of the stove project. The metal chimney and raincap of the improved stoves can be seen emerging from the roofs of the houses. In addition, the drying patties of dung that are used for fuel can be seen drying in the sun on the stone walls of the houses and front yards.

A mogogo from the Damba demonstration/pilot project. The injera bread is cooked on a flat ceramic plate below the hat-like plate cover. Below the plate is the fire-box with the black metal door with wooden handle that slides vertically. The black oval hole below is the air inlet which brings air to the fuel in through a ceramic grate.

Evaluation Visits, July/August 2001

ETE peformed a series of 22 interviews in 8 villages in July/August 2001. The text and report from these interviews is available at:

Here, selected pictures from these visits are provided.

A picture of an stove in zazega in July 2001. The improved mogogo, sauce stove, and qiCA stove (moqlo) are on the left, center, and right respectively. Air inlets for the combustion air are below the mogogo and moqlo. The cement chimney is the round column behind the stove in the shadows.

The above photo shows stove construction in process in the village of `adi zamir in July/August 2001. Two circular fireboxes (for the mogogo and the moqlo are constructed from ceramic cinder blocks. The interior of the cinder blocks is filled with ash. The two large circular fireboxes vent to a small sauce stove in between, which then vents to the chimney through a metal collar that has an air control valve.

The above photo is a close-up of the construction of an improved integrated stove in July/August 2001 in `adi zamir. In this photo, the ash-filled ceramic cinder blocks can be seen. Also shown is the ceramic fire grate through which combustion air flows from below. The air control valve is the cylindrical metal pipe in the upper part of the picture that has the valve control handle in the shape of a right angle.

The above photo shows some of the improved stove parts that were delivered for the `adi zamir, `adi zeban'angb, and weQrti improved stove project. Parts include the vertically sliding firebox door on the left, the chimney rain caps in the corner, and air control valves on the seat.