Eritrea Meteorological Services Updates
by the Meterological Services of Eritrea

Available Updates: 

    July - Sept 1998 
     Oct - Nov 1998

     July 1999 (PDF)
     August 1999 (PDF)
     June 2000 (PDF)
     July 2000 (PDF)

     Dekad 22, 1999 (1st week, Aug)(PDF)
     Dekad 24, 1999 (3rd week, Aug)(PDF)
     Dekad 21, 2000 (3rd week, Jul)(PDF)

MS Word Document Downloads:
     July 1999 Bulletin
     August 1999 Bulletin
     Dekad 22, 1999 Bulletin
     Dekad 24, 1999 Bulletin

Meteorological Updates from Eritrea: These updates are periodically provided by the Meteorological Services at the Asmara Airport.  The updates provides analysis and assessments of recent weather.  The updates also provide commentary and news regarding organizational developments within the meteorological services.