Meteorological Services Update, Nov 1998

by Meteorological Services, Asmara Int'l Airport

Country UPDATE on Meteorological activities:-

I ) As the continuation of my first mail the following is the final recommendations of our meeting on the Enhancement of Meteorological Services in Eritrea :-

A) In order to fulfill national needs and act in conformity towards enhancement and sustainability of meteorological services in the country, it was recommend the Establishment of a National Meteorological Services in the shortest possible time.


1) Until the establishment of a National Meteorological Services, concerning the standardization of instruments and establishment of new Met-stations, it was recommended that the Meteorological Services of Asmara International Airport to act as coordinator and provide guidance to all concerned agencies.

2) Having recognized the shortage of highly skilled man power in different fields of applied Meteorology, it was recommended that human resource development to be implemented in due course.

3) Recognizing the lack of trained met observers in most of the Met-stations installed in our country and the available capacity for training Met-Observers at the Meteorological Services of Asmara International Airport, it was recommended that the Meteorological Services of Asmara Int'l Airport should act as a training body.

b) This sort of meeting must be continuous as to enable the concerned agencies discuss on issues relevant to wards improving meteorological data collection and dissemination methodologies.

II ) Rainfall Assessment during the Month of November 1998.

Generally dry weather condition prevailed over most parts of the country during the month of November. However, some cloudiness was observed over the eastern escarpments and one-day rainfall (i.e. 2.6 mm ) was reported over Mendefera. As compared to the long year monthly average the month of November 1998 was generally dry. Almost all station received below Average to much below average rainfall during this period. Hence the performance of 1998 Kiremti Bahri rain was poor during the month of November over the eastern escarpments and eastern lowlands of the country.

For most of the high grounds and western lowlands of the country dry weather condition during the month of November could be conducive time of harvest.

November Monthly Rainfall (mm) for selected stations.

Station19981997Long Year Avg.
Asmara 06917
Adi Caih 03321
Adi Quala0349.7
Nacfa 09333
Sincerely Yours
Mengsteab H.giorgis
Asmara Int'l Airport-Met Services

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